A USB kill cord for your laptop

Jul 14, 2022

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Manufacturing 100% Complete!

by Michael Altfield

Manufacturing Update

We’re very happy to announce that the manufacturing of the BusKill components is now 100% complete. We now have all of the raw components necessary on-hand to build the cables, box them, and ship them to Mouser.

Here’s some photos of what you’ll get if you ordered a Full BusKill Kit:

What’s next?

This week we started putting together the orders into product boxes. This involves initializing the USB Storage Drive with the latest BusKill software, assembling the cables, and putting it into a box with the product insert of basic documentation.

We have 264 items to prepare for shipping to Mouser.


It should take less than two weeks to prepare all 264 products. Then it has to ship across the ocean to North America and pass customs, which may take 20-40 days.

With that in-mind, I’m afraid we’ll likely not meet the current target of August 1st, so we’re pushing back the target ship date again to September 1st.

Bonus: Webcam Cover

As a thank-you to our backers, we’re adding a small BusKill-branded aluminum webcam cover to these orders.

Thank you for your patience!

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