A USB kill cord for your laptop

Jan 04, 2022

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New QubesOS Guide

by Michael Altfield

We just published a guide on how to use BusKill in QubesOS.

We’ve had many folks ask us if BusKill would work in QubesOS. Actually, BusKill was originally designed for QubesOS—one of the most secure operating systems available today.

Our new guide, A Laptop Kill Cord for QubesOS describes the how to install scripts in sys-usb and dom0 such that removing the BusKill cable:

  1. Locks your screen,
  2. Shuts-down your computer, or
  3. Initiates a self-destruct sequence that wipes the LUKS Header and renders the data permanently inaccessible.

If you use QubesOS or TAILS, you’re doing OpSec right. Top it off with a BusKill cable, and keep your data safe from even the most sophisticated thieves.

We have a few Early-Bird discounts still available! Get your BusKill cable for $10 off while they last!

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