Quark Tool

by Amalgam PDX

A utility knife that takes minimalism to a new vanishing point.

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Findings From QC Inspection

Hello Quark Backers!

We recently received our first batch of units a few days ago and began our final inspection process. Please take a look at this beautiful sight of hundreds of gorgeous Quarks below!

We decided to manually inspect every unit that was scheduled to ship to our Crowd Supply backers. Previous prototypes have been flawless and in our excitement we filtered through roughly 200 units until we decided to try swapping the factory blade with a few of our favorite blade variations. Titanium blades, carbide blades, etc. But strangely… some of them did not fit. We quickly disassembled several units and came to a harrowing realization: the Quarks’ internal dimensions had been slightly changed from our latest pre-production units.

We compared 11 different brands of utility blades and discovered that some fit- but some did not.

After looking over our CAD files we realized exactly what went wrong. In our original design we took great care to design the Quark to be compatible with all of the major blade brands. We knew blades could vary greatly, and tested and measured dozens of brands and adapted our designs to accommodate. We were confident and previous tests with prototypes was always fine. But to our shock, 2 critical areas within the Quark were tweaked without our approval and thus, several brands simply do. not. fit.

We spent some time pondering this and quickly became uncomfortable with the thought of a frustrated user trying to shove an incompatible blade into the frame. This is just unacceptable.

Currently, we are working with our manufacturer to determine how quickly can we expedite a small batch of new units for our Crowd Supply backers

We are extremely sorry for this delay and will keep everyone posted. If you have an opinion on the matter we ask that you reach out to us and let us know your thoughts. However at this time we plan to withhold this batch of products until we can ship our backers a perfect and high quality product.

Again, many apologies. But please know that this is just a small obstacle and we WILL get fully working Quarks in everyone’s hands as soon as possible!

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Not long back in human history, the possessions that people kept were treated as prized possessions, artifacts that held history, value, and pride. We want to design products that reconnect with that ideology. Things that you carry and use on a daily basis should bring aesthetic value, improve your life in some way, and hold an intrisic value which goes beyond mere functionality. Our aim is to produce thoughtful, high quality, beautiful products for discerning, handy individuals. These days it seems all to common for companies to follow the architecture of the mass market, either creating products that are manufactured around cookie cutter processes which are just "good enough", or adding features that will never get used in an artificial claim of utility. We're looking to push the boundaries of manufacturing and design to create honest, ideal and holistic solutions.

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