Zeus LT

by Amigastyle

A multi-function interface board for the Commodore 64

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Almost Done!

by Aleksandar Marić

The Zion F, Zion LT, and Zeus LT boards are nearly done. All we have left to do is install the 110 V transformers, and then we’ll be ready to send everything to Mouser for fulfillment. We expect to complete the interfaces in 10 to 14 days, but we’re pushing our estimated ship date back to November 10th, which should give us time for the shipment itself and for fulfillment-preparation logistics on the receiving end.

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Aleksandar Marić


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Product Choices


Zeus LT With a Zion F Multi-Port Adapter Board

Room to grow. The Zion F adapter board includes three unused D-sub connectors for future expansion and a female pass-through cartridge slot for when Zeus LT is not in use. Includes one 15-pin D-sub connector cable. Onboard transformer is for 110 V.


Zeus LT Board

One Zeus LT board (with a 110 V transformer)



I'm a big fan of Commodore 64 computers. I bought my first in 1984, and now I own several, along with a collection of Amiga computers. That fascination, along with an interest in hardware and software, inspired me to design cartridges and various accessories to extend the usability of the Commodore 64.

Aleksandar Marić

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