Zeus LT

by Amigastyle

A multi-function interface board for the Commodore 64

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Please Select Your Preferred Transformer Voltage

by Aleksandar Marić

Please Choose Your Transformer Voltage

The Zeus LT board comes in 110 V and 220 V transformer variants. If you backed Zeus LT, please contact us, provide your order number, and let us know which variant you would like. Thanks!

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Aleksandar Marić


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Zeus LT Board

One Zeus LT board with a 110 V transformer. You will either need a Zion F Multi-Port Adapter, or create your own connector to a Commodore 64.


Zion F Multi-Port Adapter

Use this four-port adapter to connect up to four Zeus LT Boards to your Commodore 64. This adapter has a pass-through slot so you can insert cartridges and other expansion modules, without removing the adapter board, as long as your Zeus LT is idle.



I'm a big fan of Commodore 64 computers. I bought my first in 1984, and now I own several, along with a collection of Amiga computers. That fascination, along with an interest in hardware and software, inspired me to design cartridges and various accessories to extend the usability of the Commodore 64.

Aleksandar Marić

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