Four-channel, all-frequency, GNSS RF-to-bits receiver for precision, satellite-based positioning

Apr 11, 2019

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NUT2NT+ GNU-Radio Connection ready

Hello to Everyone!

First of all, many thanks to the people who have already pledged! Currently, we have more than half of our goal.

We are introducing NUT2NT+ GNU-Radio Connection.

We created GNU-Radio module for NUT2NT+ board, it is still in early-alpha form, but it is working if you load the settings from hex file.

GRC sample project shows the spectrum from 1st channel of NT1065, which corresponds to GPS L1.

Now it’s so easy to make GNU-Radio spectrum from NUT2NT+ in real time - video.

Here is GRC file and binaries.

Here is GNU-Radio module.

Dmitriy Bitsulya,
Amungo Navigation

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