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Aug 14, 2017

Campaign Status Update

Hello to everyone!

We’ve moved the campaign launch date out a little bit because we are still working on finalizing the hardware. First, we are working on a power supply to expand its capabilities. It’s needed because we plan to offer a board with an FPGA, which are typically power hungry. Then we need to check EMI results because the GNSS receiver is a very sensitive RF device and a power supply may be very noisy. Second, we are still working on enclosures. We will provide two versions: a low cost model with moderate shielding, which you can see on photo below, and an aluminum version with better shielding. The low cost enclosure is made from an EXT-9162 extruded enclosure, we will only make custom panels. Or you can make these panels yourself for which we will provide drawings.

We’ve also made progress on the software, including several bug fixes. For more information, please follow us at the Amungo siteforum and on GitHub.

We will launch in September!

This project is launching soon.

Coming Soon



Product Choices


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Thanks for helping make NUT2NT+ a reality!



An open, lowest cost Multi-Band Multi-system GNSS RF Front End in enclosure


RA1 Antenna

A stable phase center single L1 band antenna

RA1 Antenna


RA125 Antenna

A L1/L2/L5 multi-bands antenna

RA125 Antenna


RF Cable

A SMA to SMA/TNC RF cable

NUT2NT+ RF Cable

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Amungo Navigation

Igor Tcarik

Strategic management, design of antennas

Michael Lukin

Software development, mobile and PC

Simeon Voropaev

Hardware design, manufacturing and testing

Sergey Speranskiy

PCB design

Ivan Makushkin

Software development, embedded and signal processing

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