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Outdoor Demo with NovAtel Dual Frequency Receiver

We got to go outside again to test our hardware. This time it was the RA1L125 Dual Frequency Antenna. We have good friends who own a NovAtel OEMV-3 dual frequency receiver and a Trimble Zephyr antenna. They allowed us to conduct one little test with their gear in exchange for a chance to check out our Early Board device in action. The sky is almost clear except one huge building about 100 meters southeast, as you can see in the constellation graphs below. The near field conditions on the roof can be seen in photos below.

Here are the test results.

The RA1L125 loses a little SNR, but it is much smaller, lighter ,and cheaper than the Trimble Zephyr, with almost the same positional accuracy. So the RA1L125 allows you start Dual Frequency development faster and at lower cost, especially in the UAV application field. To learn about the RA1L125 assembly process see Update 1. Enjoy!

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