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May 16, 2024

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Use Your Wii Nunchuk as a PC Mouse

by ANAVI Technology

The computer mouse was invented in the early 1960’s. In the 70’s, it was popularized by Xerox. In the 80’s, the mouse made its way into products like the Apple Macintosh and, eventually, Microsoft Windows PCs. The technology evolved over time, replacing rolling balls with optical and laser sensors, but the shape and dimensions of the computer mouse haven’t changed much for the last 20 years. Now, with ANAVI Handle as an open-source USB adapter and the famous Wii Nunchuk controller, we can experience a computer mouse with a completely different design and ergonomics.

This tutorial explains how to convert a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller into a PC USB mouse that can be used on Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux distributions like Ubuntu.


What you will need:

Software Setup

Plug your Wii Nunchuk controller into your computer using the ANAVI Handle. Make sure "type" is set to "mouse" in config.json:


"type": "mouse"


Note that "mouse" is the default mode of the stock open source firmware on ANAVI Handle.

The firmware is written in CircuitPython. At the moment, it supports three different modes: joystick, keyboard and mouse. Regardless of the mode you’re operating in, the default open-source firmware utilizes the RGB LED to display three distinct states, signaling the connection status:

As shown in the video, a green light on the LED indicates that the Nunchuk has been successfully connected to ANAVI Handle and the computer.

Nunchuk as a Mouse

You can now move the mouse cursor with the analog stick on the Nunchuk controller. The Nunchuk buttons will serve as your left and right mouse buttons in this configuration.

Nowadays, there are so many new ways to use Nunchuk as a USB device, even a computer mouse that can be used by anyone, even with limited mobility. Dive into this unique experience by ordering the ANAVI Handle and discover the fun for yourself!

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