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ANAVI Handle lets you easily connect a Wii Nunchuk-compatible controller to any USB-equipped computer. It features Seeed Studio’s XIAO RP2040 module, which offers a USB Type-C connector along with a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

The open-source firmware written in CircuitPython offers customization options to easily convert the Wii Nunchuk-compatible controller into a Human Interface Device (HID) such as a joystick, mouse, or keyboard. With ANAVI Handle, gaming enthusiasts can elevate their retro gaming setup to new heights, combining classic game controllers with the freedom of open-source hardware.

The Wii Nunchuk, originally designed as an accessory for a gaming console, has found new life as a versatile input device beyond its intended purpose. By connecting the Nunchuk to a computer with an ANAVI Handle and an appropriate USB cable, enthusiasts can unlock a world of possibilities for retro gaming, experiencing classic and modern titles with the charm of an old-school controller.

Additionally, the Nunchuk’s ergonomic design and intuitive button layout make it an ideal choice for DIY projects, ranging from home automation to controlling motors, robots, or drones. ANAVI Handle bridges nostalgic gaming experiences and innovative DIY endeavors, offering endless opportunities for creativity and exploration in the realm of technology and gaming.

Features & Specifications

ANAVI Handle boasts a compact design with a black, gold-plated printed circuit board with the cutting-edge Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 module. Here are the technical specifications:

Support & Documentation

ANAVI Handle is an entirely open source project that harmonizes open-source hardware with free and open-source software. The printed circuit board and its acrylic enclosure were designed in KiCad, an open-source software suite for electronic design automation (EDA) that runs on Windows, MacOS, and GNU Linux distributions.

Our open-source firmware includes functionality to ascertain the status of controller attachment to ANAVI Handle. Through the RGB LED, users receive clear visual cues representing three distinct states:

CircuitPython Support

The firmware is written in CircuitPython and relies on the popular open-source libraries adafruit_bus_device, adafruit_hid, adafruit_nunchuk, adafruit_seesaw, and neopixel. CircuitPython is a programming language based on Python, specifically designed for use with microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi RP2040 in ANAVI Handle, making it easy to program and interact with hardware components.

Source code for the hardware and firmware are available on GitHub.

All ANAVI Handle units will come pre-installed with CircuitPython and our open source firmware available at GPLv3 license. If you need to pre-install or update dependencies, ensure you have circup installed in your Python environment. Install it with the following command if necessary:

pip3 install circup

With circup installed and your CircuitPython device connected, use the following command to install:

circup install adafruit_bus_device adafruit_hid adafruit_nunchuk adafruit_seesaw neopixel

Or the following command to update an existing version:

circup update

Currently, the open-source firmware enables the use of the Nunchuck in three modes: joystick, mouse, or keyboard (D-pad, A and B keys). Future updates may include support for additional devices like the Classic Controller. To modify the functionality of the Nunchuck, simply edit the JSON settings file, config.json, for example:


    "type": "joystick"

The joystick mode of ANAVI Handle enables seamless enjoyment of modern and classic game titles using the Nunchuk on any USB-equipped computer. This configuration ensures that your Nunchuk controller is readily detected, even by web browsers. To experience this functionality firsthand, you can effortlessly test it using the open-source HTML5 Gamepad Test.

Furthermore, you can delve into a plethora of fantastic games, such as the open-source Tiny Crate game developed with the open-source game engine Godot, directly within your web browser!


    "type": "mouse"

This feature within the ANAVI Handle open-source firmware enables the utilization of the Nunchuk as a computer mouse. Navigate the cursor using the Nunchuk joystick, while the two buttons are left and right mouse buttons. While not inherently designed for everyday functionality, this mode offers a unique and enjoyable experience suitable for specific use cases.


    "type": "keyboard"

The keyboard mode of ANAVI Handle includes a D-pad (directional pad), along with A and B keys. This configuration proves ideal for retro gaming, especially when paired with RetroPie, a renowned Linux distribution featuring EmulationStation, RetroArch, and various other open-source software projects. With this setup, you can effortlessly enjoy a wide array of arcade, home console, and classic PC games on platforms such as Raspberry Pi, single-board computers, or even a PC.


ANAVI Handle with ControllerAdafruit Wii Nunchuck AdapterRaphnet Classic controller to USB adapter - V3Ivy Nunchuck Joystick Adapter
Additional Components None Controller + Accessories None None
Microcontroller Raspberry Pi RP2040 Raspberry Pi RP2040 (with QT Pi 2040) Unknown Microchip ATSAMD21E18
Connectivity USB Type-C USB Type-C Mini USB USB Type-C
ControllerYes Yes No Yes
Open Source HardwareYes Yes No Yes
EnclosureYes No Yes Yes
Open Source Design ToolsYes (KiCad) No (EAGLE) No Yes

Manufacturing Plan

Demonstrating our commitment to local manufacturing, all units are prepared and packaged in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. To ensure consistently high quality, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of ANAVI Handle have a black solder mask and a gold surface finish. The key component is Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040, a module with a compact design and powerful Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller and rich peripherals. All units will be carefully flashed and tested with CircuitPython and the open-source firmware.

Fulfillment & Logistics

All ANAVI Handle units and kits will be shipped to our backers using Crowd Supply’s fulfillment services.

Once manufacturing is complete, we’ll make a bulk shipment to Crowd Supply, and from there, the packages will be shipped out to our backers. For more details, please have a look at this guide to ordering, paying, and shipping.

We’re committed to sustainability so all units are packaged inside eco-friendly, recyclable cardboard boxes.

Risks & Challenges

We have already manufactured and assembled a small batch of ANAVI Handle printed circuit boards and acrylic enclosures to ensure that everything works correctly and we are ready for mass production!

We have experience successfully delivering projects on time, and even ahead of schedule, from our previous crowdfunding campaigns, including ANAVI Macro Pad 12, ANAVI Macro Pad 10, ANAVI Macro Pad 8, ANAVI Macro Pad 2, ANAVI Knobs 3, ANAVI Knob 1, ANAVI Thermometer, ANAVI Gas Detector, ANAVI Gardening uHAT, ANAVI Infrared pHAT and many more. Over the years, we have established a trusted supply chain, and we work with small local factories in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to ensure high-quality components at a reasonable price. To reduce the manufacturing risks and deliver on time, we stock all components in advance.

In the Press

CNX Software

"ANAVI Handle... transforms the Nintendo Wii Nunchuck into a USB controller meaning the Wii controller can now be used with any common hardware such as computers, laptops, single board computers, retro-gaming consoles, and so on."

Time Extension

"[ANAVI Handle] works without any extra drivers being required."

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Produced by ANAVI Technology in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

ANAVI Handle With Black Controller

USB Type-C adapter board for Nintendo Wii controller add-ons with programmable RP2040 MCU. Bundle with black generic controller attachment, an acrylic enclosure, screws and nuts.

$26 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

ANAVI Handle With White Controller

USB Type-C adapter board for Nintendo Wii controller add-ons with programmable RP2040 MCU. Bundle with white generic controller attachment, an acrylic enclosure, screws and nuts.

$26 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

ANAVI Handle

USB Type-C adapter board for Nintendo Wii controller add-ons with programmable RP2040 MCU. Includes an acrylic enclosure, screws and nuts.

$19 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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