An open hardware Raspberry Pi add-on board with a mini OLED display, buttons, and slots for sensors

Jul 06, 2022

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ANAVI Info uHAT Demo at the Technical University of Berlin

by ANAVI Technology

On 29th June, we had the opportunity to present and demonstrate the ANAVI Info uHAT and some of our other open source hardware gadgets at the Technical University of Berlin for an event called "Open Source Hardware: Tools and Collaborations for A Better (Product) Future".

The event was organized by OPENNEXT, an organization that brings together SMEs and makerspaces across Europe to develop new products based on open-source principles. This year saw representatives of the Technical University Berlin, the Grenoble Institute of Technology, the University of Bath, the DDC – Danish Design Center, and many more organizations involved with open source software and hardware. Lukas Hartmann, the creator of the open source DIY laptop MNT Reform, was also a panel speaker at the event.

This was a great opportunity to show off the ANAVI Info uHAT with a mini OLED I2C display attached to the top of a Raspberry Pi and controlled using a Python3 script with the luma.oled library. The source code is available in GitHub and we will cover it in-depth in another update. In the meantime, we are also improving the ANAVI Info uHAT user’s manual which is also available in GitHub.

Anavi Info uHAT

Best regards, Leon

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