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An open hardware Raspberry Pi add-on board with a mini OLED display, buttons, and slots for sensors

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ANAVI Info uHAT is a low-cost, open source Raspberry Pi add-on board with mini OLED display, 3 buttons, red and green indication LEDs as well as slots for various sensors. Each kit includes 0.96" yellow-blue I²C OLED display with resolution of 128x64 individual white OLED pixels. This is a low power consumption display that makes its own light and therefore no additional backlight is required. Additional slots allows attaching various I²C sensors for temperature, humidity, light and barometric pressure as well as a UART pins for easy serial communication. ANAVI Info uHAT follows the official Raspberry Pi uHAT mechanical specification with a valid ID EEPROM.

ANAVI Info uHAT is a perfect open source solution for headless Raspberry Pi applications for use cases such as weather station or showing system information and status on setup with Pi-hole, OctoPrint, Kodi, Homebridge, openHAB, etc.

Features & Specifications

Extensive Compatibility

ANAVI Info uHAT works with any Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC) with a 40-pin header, including Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi Zero W.

In addition, ANAVI Info uHAT officially supports the following sensor modules:

You can attach any other I²C device or sensor, but you will have to take care of their software integration.

Anavi Info uHAT

Kit Configurations

ANAVI Info uHAT is available in three do-it-yourself kits.

Starter KitAdvanced KitDeveloper Kit
ANAVI Info uHATYes Yes Yes
Mini 0.96" OLED I2C display, yellow-blueYes Yes Yes
Temperature-and-humidity sensorNo Yes Yes
Light sensorNo Yes Yes
Barometric pressure and temperature sensorNo No Yes
USB-to-serial debug cableNo No Yes
Anavi Info uHAT

Proudly Open Source

As with all ANAVI projects, ANAVI Info uHAT is open source and intentionally combines open source hardware with free and open source software:

Simple, Affordable, and Easy to Use

ANAVI Info uHAT is simple, affordable, easy to use, and extremely powerful in the hands of a skilled maker. And if you’re new to the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, don’t worry. Not only is this project entirely open source, it is designed to help newcomers to the Raspberry Pi ecosystem get started easily, thanks to its thorough documentation and helpful sample code.

Stretch Goals

Our crowdfunding campaign has a very modest goal of just $1, but if we raise:

Manufacturing Plan

Over the years, we have delivered many open source hardware products. In the process, we have established a reliable supply chain that ensures consistently high quality. We work with trusted local factories in the EU. The printed circuit board of ANAVI Info uHAT has a green solder mask and a gold surface finish. Following the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) specifications, the EEPROM on each board will be carefully flashed. All features will be manually tested, and each kit will be packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

Fulfillment & Logistics

All ANAVI Info uHAT kits will be shipped to our backers using Crowd Supply’s fulfillment services. Once manufacturing is complete, we’ll make a bulk shipment to Crowd Supply, and, from there, the packages will be shipped out to our individual backers. For more details, please have a look at this guide to ordering, paying, and shipping.

Risks & Challenges

After a couple of hardware revisions, ANAVI Info uHAT is a stable open source product. We have already manufactured the first batch to ensure that everything works correctly, and we are now ready to make more!

Our previous crowdfunding campaigns have given us lots of experience delivering projects on time, and even ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, due to the global chip shortage we are facing some new challenges this time. To reduce the associated risks, we have already sourced some critical components and manufactured the first batch of boards. As we learn more, we will notify backers promptly through our regular campaign updates. In the unlikely event that we are entirely unable to deliver, we will of course offer backers a full refund.

In the Press

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"Providing a low-cost open source Raspberry Pi add-on board with a resolution of of 128 x 64 individual white OLED pixels. ANAVI Info uHAT works with any Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC) with a 40-pin header."


"Con una pantalla mini OLED incorporada, la placa add-on de sensores Info uHAT para Raspberry Pi ofrece tres slots para montarle la combinación de sensores que necesitemos."

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Produced by ANAVI Technology in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Info uHAT Starter Kit

The perfect kit to get started. Includes one ANAVI Info uHAT (1) and one mini 0.96" OLED I2C display, yellow-blue (1).

$29 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Info uHAT Advanced Kit

Take your project to the next level. Includes one ANAVI Info uHAT (1), one mini 0.96" OLED I2C display, yellow-blue (1), one temperature and humidity sensor (1) and one light sensor (1).

$39 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Info uHAT Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs! Includes ANAVI Info uHAT (1), one mini 0.96" OLED I2C display, yellow-blue (1), one temperature and humidity sensor (1), one light sensor (1), one barometric pressure and temperature sensor (1) and one USB-to-serial debug cable (1).

$46 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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