An open hardware Raspberry Pi add-on board with a mini OLED display, buttons, and slots for sensors

Jun 14, 2022

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Our Campaign is Now Live on Crowd Supply!

by ANAVI Technology

We’re excited to announce that the ANAVI Info uHAT crowdfunding campaign is now live! This is a simple open source hardware Raspberry Pi add-on board with a mini OLED display for environmental monitoring. It is available in three do-it-yourself kits with various sensors and peripherals, and each kit features a yellow-blue mini OLED I2C display. We have various software examples on our GitHub that demonstrate how to use the peripherals, written in C and Python.

ANAVI Info uHAT is a great fit for makers working on do-it-yourself headless Raspberry Pi applications for use-cases such as weather stations, system information displays, status on setup with Pi-hole, OctoPrint, Kodi, Homebridge, openHAB, etc.

We hope you’ll jump in and help us bring this entirely open source project to life!

Thanks, Leon

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