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Nov 08, 2019

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Field Report: Intelligent Temp-Based Ducted A/C Zone Control

by Mike B

This project uses four or five ANAVI Thermometer Boards and OpenHAB2 to provide after-market intelligent control of four zone motors for our ducted A/C system. The zone motors are switched by Sonoff four-gang ITEAD switches.

The thermometers will be used to couple a temperature sensing function to the zone motors throughout the day and night. This is the second step we’ve taken in correcting a poorly balanced installation - the first being two Nest controllers.

Core OpenHAB integration with the board takes place over MQTT and is being developed on a MacMini. Once development is complete, the controller will reside on a PiTop 4.

A big part of this project was designing a case that both protected the hardware and allowed air flow for accurate temperature sensing. We based our design on some existing work to create a 3-D printed case that met our needs (if you’re interested or want to print your own, you can access the .STL files).

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