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Jun 23, 2019

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Mini Monochrome OLED Displays

All kits with ANAVI Thermometer include a mini monochrome OLED display. It works out of the box with the default firmware for ANAVI Thermometer. Recently I published a video in my YouTube channel with details how to program Arduino sketches for this display as well as similar models.

Mini monochrome OLED displays are cheap, reliable and easy to use by makers. They come in a huge variety of sizes. Our particular display is a bit below 1". There are 4 mounting holes. The screen resolution is 128x64 pixels. The driver is SSD1306. The upper part of the screen is yellow and the lower is blue. You can find exactly the same type of display with only white OLED pixels. The usage is the same no matter what is the color of the OLED pixels.

The video tutorial is for developers. It explains the exact steps how to get started with I2C OLED mini display with about 1" diagonal on Arduino compatible board such as ANAVI Thermometer.

On the top of the display there are 4 pins: ground, power input marked as VCC, clock and data lines for the I2C. ANAVI Thermometer has a dedicated slot for attaching this model mini OLED display. In the previous video you have already seen how to connect it using female to male jumper wires. If you are using a different Arduino compatible development board with the same display you should locate the appropriate pins according to its datasheet.

There is an awesome open source Arduino library for monochrome displays called u8g2lib. It supports a wide variety of monochrome OLED and LCD displays. It is used by the default firmware for ANAVI Thermometer. I’ve also shared some super simple examples for educational purposes.

In the mean time, I am working on a new open source hardware gadget - ANAVI Gas Detector. It is an ESP8266-powered Wi-Fi dev board for monitoring air quality and detecting dangerous gases. ANAVI Gas Detector is coming soon at Crowd Supply :)


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