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Jul 08, 2019

Project update 13 of 19

ANAVI Infrared pHAT on Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian Buster

The last couple of weeks were super exciting for the Raspberry Pi community. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has been released with a lot of new groundbreaking features. Buster, the new version of Raspbian and Debian GNU/Linux distributions has been also released.

There are some major changes both in the hardware of Raspberry Pi 4 and the software for it. Earlier this year, lirc_rpi, the Linux kernel module provided with Raspbian before, was replaced with gpio-ir and gpio-ir-tx. Because of this the old way for setting up ANAVI Infrared pHAT was no longer worked so we have just updated the user’s manual!

The new version of the user’s manual of ANAVI Infrared pHAT contains the exact steps how to patch and build LIRC from source and to configure it on your Raspberry Pi with the latest version of Raspbian as of today. This approach is valid with latest Raspbian no matter if you are using Raspberry Pi 4 Model B or any of the other supported hardware versions.

Have a look at section "Setting up LIRC" in the user’s manual for details. This new approach is based on the posts by neuralassembly at Raspberry Pi forums.

In the mean time there are interesting news related to our other open source projects. Recently we published two video tutorials for connecting ANAVI Thermometer to the popular open source home automation platforms Home Assistant and OpenHAB. With Crowd Supply we are preparing a new crowdfunding campaign for ANAVI Gas Detector, an open source dev board for monitoring indoor air quality and detecting dangerous gases.

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