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Oct 19, 2021

Project update - not yet live

Announcing a Raspberry Pi Gardening uHAT

by ANAVI Technology

More than four years ago, with your amazing help, we brought ANAVI Infrared pHAT to life. Since then, we’ve made many other open source hardware gadgets. Now we are going back to our roots with the ANAVI Gardening uHAT for Raspberry Pi!

The ANAVI Gardening uHAT is a low-cost, open source, Raspberry Pi add-on board that helps you develop smart solutions for monitoring and growing plants. It supports multiple sensors, most notably capacitive soil moisture sensors and waterproof temperature sensors. Furthermor,e you can use the well known I2C sensors for temperature, humidity, light, etc.

The crowdfunding campaign for ANAVI Gardening uHAT ends soon. We hope you’ll jump in again and help us bring another entirely open source project to life!

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