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Nov 17, 2017

Project update 7 of 19

Shipping Ahead of Schedule

Couple of weeks ago we received the second batch of boards from the factory. On the photo above you can see how a panel of six assembled printed circuit boards looks like. If you look carefully you will noticed that by the time when the photo has been taken the EEPROMs were not soldered. I flashed a device tree fragment and placed each EEPROM to the boards on my own. After that each ANAVI Infrared pHAT was carefully tested, packaged and shipped to you.

As you know, the shipping started ahead of schedule. In the past week we shipped all boards from the 2nd batch. As a result all orders placed during the crowdfunding campaign for ANAVI Infrared pHAT, Starter, Advanced and Developer kits have been already shipped. The majority of the Combo kits were also shipped.

We are expecting the 3rd batch of units from the factory by the end of the month. As soon as we receive it we will start shipping the rest of the Combo and Family kits ordered during the crowdfunding period as well as the pre-orders. All orders are processed in first-come first-served basis. Thanks to your support we have to manufacture a lot of boards so please be patient. We are doing our best to keep up the pace and continue shipping ahead of schedule.

Thank you for supporting the open source hardware project ANAVI Infrared pHAT!

Best regards,

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