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Sep 12, 2018

Project update 13 of 22

All Orders Shipped

Hooray! All remaining orders were shipped slightly ahead of schedule. Tracking numbers and details were sent in private emails to the backers.

It was a busy weekend that involved flashing, testing, packaging the boards and visiting the local post office on several occasions :)

Thank you very much for supporting the open source project ANAVI Light Controller. Combining open source hardware with free and open source software has been always passion for me.

After ANAVI Infrared pHAT and ANAVI Light pHAT, this was the third successful crowdfunding campaign that we ran together with Crowd Supply. I would like to express very special gratitude to the numerous serial backers of these campaigns who also ordered ANAVI Light Controller. Thank you!

We are now running another small crowd funding campaign targeting retro gamers with open source hardware add-on for Raspberry Pi called ANAVI Play pHAT. In the mean time the assembly of ANAVI Light Controller continues and we have units in stock :)


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