ANAVI Light Controller

Make your lights open source and connect your LED strip to the WiFi network with ANAVI Light Controller!

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Aug 30, 2018

Project update 12 of 22

Open Source Community Matters

The community is the backbone of any successful open source project. ANAVI Light Controller combines open source hardware with free and open source software. The first batch of our devices was shipped ahead of schedule and we receive a fantastic feedback from the community!

I would like to express my gratitude to Andrey Kozhevnikov, Philippe Coval and Steve Edson for their extremely valuable contributions to the GitHub projects in the ecosystem of ANAVI Light Controller.

Thanks to the community efforts the firmware of ANAVI Light Controller has been recently updated and improved. Please update it by flashing the latest version using Arduino IDE. The source code is available at GitHub. The web page was also improved.

Please find below useful resources to get started with ANAVI Light Controller:

The manufacturing of the second batch of ANAVI Light Controller is going on smoothly. The estimate shipping date remains Sep 15, 2018. In the mean time you can have look at our new low cost open source hardware add-on for playing retro games on Raspberry Pi.

As usual contributions, suggestions and recommendations are always welcome!


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