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Oct 05, 2018

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Home Assistant Showcase

by ANAVI Technology

Alistair Chapman, an early backer, adopter and contributor of ANAVI Light Controller, recently shared in his blog how he has connected ANAVI Light Controller with Home Assistant. Above is a photo from his awesome setup!

Furthermore, Alistair contributed a GitHub pull request related to the brightness. Now the latest open source for ANAVI Light Controller supports "real" RGB brightness. That is, setting RGB color of 255,0,0 and brightness of 128 will result in half-brightness red, rather than resetting all colors to the same value.

These changes make Home Assistant and MQTT integration much cleaner and in the same time are fully backward compatible with Alistair even wrote another article in his blog about flashing new firmware on ANAVI Light Controller that you can follow to flash the latest version and anavi-light-controller-sw from GitHub on your unit.

Alistair, thank you very much for your contributions, for sharing your experience and for being extremely valuable part of our community!

In the mean time Crowd Supply now has ANAVI Light Controller in stock. Units are available with free US and $8 worldwide shipping. All new orders will be dispatched from Portland, OR.


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