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Feb 01, 2019

Project update 16 of 22

New Year, New Open Source Hardware

2019 started with a blast and there are a lot of good news!

Nicolas Vion created an Arduino sketch for controlling ANAVI Light Controller directly via HTTP instead of MQTT. His source code is available at GitHub and you can give it a try on your board. Furthermore, Nicolas got inspired and made with KiCad his own first open source printed circuit board with ESP01 and 3 I2C slots. Well done, Nicolas, it is great to see new open source hardware projects!

In the mean time there are numerous improvements to the default open source firmware of ANAVI Light Controller with MQTT. Thanks to the amazing contributions of Andrey Kozhevnikov (coderus) ArduinoOTA has been added. Over the time other contributions to this git repository have been done by Alistair Chapman, Gianpaolo Macario and Lazar Hristov. Thank you all for your efforts, it is great to see how together as a community we are making the software of ANAVI Light Controller better. As usual GitHub pull requests are always welcome.

Earlier this month, Crowd Supply launched the crowd funding campaign of another certified open source hardware development board with ESP8266. ANAVI Thermometer comes with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor as well as a bunch of additional peripherals, including a cute mini OLED display and a waterproof temperature sensor. ANAVI Thermometer is convenient for various home automation projects and even for fish tanks.

The crowdfunding campaign of ANAVI Thermometer enjoys and excellent start and was fully funded immediately. Order now ANAVI Thermometer to get free worldwide shipping!

Last but not least, FOSDEM 2019, the largest annual open source European conference is taking place in Brussels, this weekend. If you are planning to visit the event please consider joining my talks at the CAD and Open Hardware devroom as well as the Retrocomputing devroom. FOSDEM is a great opportunity for face to face meetings so please ping me if you are around.


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