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Make your lights open source and connect your LED strip to the WiFi network with ANAVI Light Controller!

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Major Improvements of the Arduino Sketch for ANAVI Light Controller

Firmware Updates

How often do you get software or firmware updates for a 2-year-old device? Probably not very often. This is not the case for ANAVI Light Controller!

Recently we made a major improvements to the default firmware available as an Arduino sketch at GitHub:

  • Support Home Assistant automatic discovery over MQTT
  • Turn on LED D1 on ANAVI Light Controller if the device is not connected to local WiFi network and needs initial configuration
  • Wait for a few seconds while LED D1 is blinking immediately after turning on ANAVI Light Controller to allow reset by keeping SW1 pressed
  • Append the last 5 characters of the machine ID to the WiFi Access Point (AP) to simplify the identification of the ANAVI Light Controller during the initial setup
  • Support MQTT messages with large payload for reporting back the current state of the RGB LED strips on topic stat/dev-id/color

You can either compile and upload the new version through Arduino IDE or just grab the binary from GitHub and flash it on your ANAVI Light Controller.

ANAVI Miracle Controller

One more thing… Our open source family has a new member ANAVI Miracle Controller. Over the years a lot of you asked for a use-friendly WiFi dev board for controlling addressable (digital) LED strips like WS2812B, WS2812, WS2811, NeoPixels, etc. This is exactly what ANAVI Miracle Controller does! It is capable of controlling not only one but two 5V or 12V addressable LED strips simultaneously. Furthermore a mini OLED display and up to 3 additional I2C sensors can be attached on it.

So now we have ANAVI Light Controller for 12V RGB analog LED strips and ANAVI Miracle Controller for 5V or 12V digital (addressable) LED strips!

Please, help us once again to bring another open source product to life by supporting ANAVI Miracle Controller crowdfunding campaign at Crowd Supply!

Best regards, Leon

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ANAVI Light Controller

Open source hardware WiFi board for controlling 12V RGB LED strips. Includes one ANAVI Light Controller (1).


Starter Kit

The perfect kit for getting started. Includes one ANAVI Light Controller (1), acrylic case (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1) and 1 meter RGB LED strip with a LED connector (1).


Advanced Kit

The kit for awesome home automation. Includes one ANAVI Light Controller (1), acrylic case (1), 1 meter RGB LED strip with a LED connector (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1) and a light sensor module (1).


Developer kit

Everything a developer needs to build his own smart lamp. Includes one ANAVI Light Controller (1), acrylic case (1), 1 meter RGB LED strip with a LED connector (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1) and all sensor modules: light (1), gestures & color recognition (1), temperature & humidity (1).


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