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Field Report: Andon with Anavi

by Paul C

Toyota engine assembly line at Kamigo Plant, Japan, ca. 1966

Anavi backer Paul Cancouet works for a French start-up,, that specializes in “first mile” logistics. One of their primary tasks is packing e-commerce orders in their warehouses. They wanted to implement an Andon approach so operators could notify a manager about problems or supply shortages without having to leave their desk or shouting across the shop floor. (“Andon” is a Japanese term that describes a manufacturing system designed to alert operators and managers of problems in real time. Pioneered by Toyota after WW2, it gives operators the ability to stop a production line as soon as an error is detected.)

First prototype using stack lights

They built an initial prototype based on simple lights and buzzers, but it was not very effective. It was time-consuming to assemble and install, inflexible, and annoying. So they came up with a different system using Anavi Light Controller. They implemented an MQTT broker that would communicate with the Anavi over the network using a simple web interface based on Bootstrap.

Block diagram

They also designed and constructed a simpler, cheaper light using just a few inexpensive parts:

  • Anavi light controller starter kit
  • 12 V power supply
  • Outdoor wall light
  • PVC tube
  • 3D-printed socket

Second prototype

Wing's warehouse

The system proved to be very responsive so they started to improve the interface as well as adding new features:

  • Publication of logs to a Google spreadsheet for analytics
  • Slack notifications sent to a manager's smartphone when immediate support is needed
  • Global monitoring dashboard (i.e., a web interface)

Screenshots of the current interface:


Dashboard interface

The system is working well now. They plan to add some new features and refinements soon, in particular around the consumable replenishment process. You can find the latest version of the code in our GitHub repo. Many thanks to Leon at Anavi for his help and to everyone who worked on the project.

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