ANAVI Light Controller

Make your lights open source and connect your LED strip to the WiFi network with ANAVI Light Controller!

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Aug 15, 2018

Project update 11 of 22

Shipped Ahead of Schedule

Last week all orders for ANAVI Light Controller were shipped ahead of schedule. You should have already received an email with the tracking number and useful links how to get started.

The manufacturing of the rest of the orders, for Starter, Advanced, Developer and Family kits, continue as planned. The estimate shipping date is Sep 15, 2018. The acrylic cases, that are included in each kit, are ready.

Thank you very much for supporting ANAVI Light Controller. By the way, if anyone of you owns a Raspberry Pi and likes retro gaming, please have a look at our new open source hardware add-on board ANAVI Play pHAT.


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