Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny with an RGB LED strip and ANAVI Light pHAT!

Dec 07, 2017

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Turn On the Lights with ANAVI Light pHAT and Raspberry Pi

I am happy to announce that after more than 6 months of hard work, the crowdfunding campaign of ANAVI Light pHAT has been just launched. ANAVI Light pHAT is an open source hardware add-on board for Raspberry Pi that allows you to control 12V RGB LED strip and collect data from various sensors through the user friendly web interface offered by the open source home automation platform Home Assistant.

I created ANAVI Light pHAT as a hobby project in my spare time because I needed a low cost open source lightning solution that I can customize to my exact needs. It works with 12V RGB LED strips because they are dirt cheap, easy to find and a lot of fun to play with.

I am happy to share ANAVI Light pHAT with all other Raspberry Pi owners around the world. ANAVI Light pHAT is now available for order at Crowd Supply with free worldwide shipping. I hope you will enjoy it!


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