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Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny with an RGB LED strip and ANAVI Light pHAT!

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Getting Ready for Pi Wars

It has been a while since the last update and a there is a lot of exciting news to share:

  • All orders and pre-orders for ANAVI Light pHAT were shipped ahead of schedule.
  • On Pi Day, 14th March (3/14), Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was announced and released on the market.
  • I had the pleasure of visiting the Crowd Supply office and Portland, OR and to meet the fantastic team that helps makers like me to bring you great open source hardware projects!
  • Pi Wars, the Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition, will take place on 21st-22nd April at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Our friends Michael Horne and Tim Richardson are the main organizers of the event and ANAVI Technology joined the sponsors. Several units of ANAVI Light pHAT will be provided as prizes to the winners. If you are in the UK, hurry and book a spectator ticket right now!

Last but not least, to get started with ANAVI Light pHAT, have a look at the user’s manual, the blog post from cnx-software and the available instructions for integrations with Home Assistant.

Best regards, Leon

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Open source hardware Raspberry Pi add-on board for controlling 12V RGB LED strips. Includes one ANAVI Light pHAT (1).


Starter Kit

The perfect kit for getting started. Includes one ANAVI Light pHAT (1), light sensor (1) and 1 meter RGB LED strip with a LED connector (1).


Advanced Kit

The kit for awesome home automation. Includes ANAVI Light pHAT, 1m RGB LED strip with LED connector as well as sensor modules for light (1), gestures & color recognition (1), temperature & humidity (1).


Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs to master lightning with a Raspberry Pi. Includes all sensor modules: PIR motion sensor (1), light (1), gestures & color recognition (1), temperature & humidity (1). Also comes with USB-to-serial debug cable.


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