Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny with an RGB LED strip and ANAVI Light pHAT!

Jun 06, 2018

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Introducing ANAVI Light Controller

by ANAVI Technology

Over the past few months, a lot of people have asked me if it is possible to have a standalone version of ANAVI Ligth pHAT that does not require a Raspberry Pi to work? The answer is here: ANAVI Light Controller.

After a lot of hard work, I am happy to announce the bigger brother of Light pHAT. It is called ANAVI Light Controller. This is a certified open source hardware development board for controlling 12 V RGB LED strips and reading data from I2C sensors for light, temperature, humidity, and gesture detection.

The heart of ANAVI Light Controller is the WiFi microcontroller ESP8266. Open source software is available for it as an Arduino sketch and it can be deployed via Arduino IDE. A crowdfunding campaign is running to fund mass production in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We hope you’ll jump in, have a look at the details, and help us bring another entirely open source project to life!


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