Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny with an RGB LED strip and ANAVI Light pHAT!

Jan 02, 2018

Project update 3 of 13

Happy New Year

2017 has been an adventurous year for ANAVI Technology Ltd. Thank you for being part of it!

If you are already thinking about the decoration of your Christmas tree next year have a look for ideas how ANAVI Light pHAT can help you at our video at YouTube and the exact steps at Instructables and

In the mean time to software for integration of ANAVI Light pHAT with Home Assistant, the free and open source home automation platform, is ready. It is available under GPLv3 license at GitHub. The application acts like a MQTT client and it is written in the C programming language. It relies on the popular library piGPIO and Eclipse Paho MQTT software.

During the holidays I built a table lamp using paper as a primary material, RGB LED strip, Raspberry Pi and of course ANAVI Light pHAT. I plan to post more details in the coming weeks. By the way do not forget that ANAVI Light pHAT has already hit the first stretch goal and we are near the second stretch goal. If the campaign raises $2,500 or more you will get a step by step tutorial for customizing an IKEA GRÖNÖ Table lamp with a Raspberry Pi and ANAVI Light pHAT.


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