by Andy Haas

Mesh Wi-Fi for nerds


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Product Choices


Three-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes

A set of three dual-band Maxwell nodes is a good place to start. Bathe your home or office in stable mesh Wi-Fi, built on the most popular and expandable open-source router software.


Two-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes

A set of two dual-band Maxwell nodes is a good choice for apartments, condos, or small homes.


Mixed Three-Pack - 2x Dual-Band & 1x Tri-Band Maxwell Nodes

To step it up a notch, use a tri-band router where devices need some extra bandwidth. The third band talks to devices without slowing down the mesh.


Three-Pack of Tri-Band Maxwell Nodes

For maximum bandwidth, set up a full tri-band mesh!


Outdoor Maxwell Node

Introduce your mesh to the great outdoors by adding one or more weatherized nodes.


Additional Tri-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra tri-band node.


Additional Dual-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra dual-band node.


Andy Haas

Professor of Physics by day and open-source/open-hardware tinkerer by night

Andrew Haas

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