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Tri-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra tri-band node.


Dual-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra dual-band node.


Outdoor Maxwell Node

Introduce your mesh to the great outdoors by adding one or more weatherized nodes.


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Powerful, Intuitive, Open Source Mesh Wi-Fi!

Maxwell is powerful, secure, open-source mesh Wi-Fi made easy! Each node is a serious router with multiple high-gain antennas, up to three simultaneous MIMO Wi-Fi bands, and support for gigabit Ethernet backhaul. We even offer a weatherized node that’s perfect for outdoor use. Maxwell is not just powerful and reliable, though. It’s also perhaps the easiest mesh Wi-Fi system to set up: just place the nodes around your house, plug them in, power them on, and use an Ethernet cable to connect one of them to your broadband modem.

Flexible & Secure

Open-source means you’re in control. You can ssh into any router node, see what’s going on with the config files, and run scripts. You can even modify and build your own firmware. And since it’s based on OpenWRT—the world’s leading open-source router software—you can take advantage of thousands of additional packages that let you extend the functionality of your Maxwell nodes. From VPNs to QoS to parental controls, the OpenWRT community has you covered.

Open-source also means security. With support for WPA3 encryption and the ability to ensure that your system is patched against the latest vulnerabilities, Maxwell helps you stay ahead in the cat-and-mouse game between those who write malware and those who push updates for router firmware. Plus there’s no phone app and no need to hand your mesh keys over to a third-party (we’re looking at you Amazon and Google). When it comes to privacy and security, less is sometimes more.

All the Details at Your Fingertips

Maxwell scripts on each node gather information and feed it to a dashboard where you can monitor what’s going on with your mesh—either at a glance, using the super-cool graphical network map, or by digging into the details. What nodes are working? Are they connected to the Internet? What’s connected to what, on which Wi-Fi channels, and how strong is the signal? What’s the bandwidth between all of the nodes? What are the upload and download speeds, to and from the Internet, on each node? What’s the preferred routing path between each pair of nodes?

This ease-of-use extends to configuration as well. At the push of a button, you can easily set new SSIDs, replace your WPA keys, update your firmware, etc. And when you modify settings like this, your changes will propagate to the entire mesh!

Features & Specifications

  • Ease of Use: Automated mesh setup & dynamic route optimization
  • Bandwidth: 50-400 Mb/s (typical, real-world bandwidth) depending on the setup topology and client location relative to the hub
  • Scalability: Support for up to 17 mesh router nodes and 230 simultaneous clients
  • Coverage: Up to 30,000 square feet, plus support for wired Gb Ethernet backhaul and Ethernet-connected client end-points
  • Flexibility: Deploy a mix of dual-band and tri-band nodes depending on where you need more bandwidth, add guest networks easily, and take advantage of USB ports to accommodate on-network storage
  • Security: Latest WPA2 (client) and WPA3-SAE (mesh) encryption, with seamless hand-off via 802.11r when moving clients between mesh nodes
  • Dual-band nodes: AC 1300-2100 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router
    • Dual 800 MHz+ CPU
    • 128+ MB RAM & Flash
    • 2+ Gb Ethernet ports
    • 6+ antennas
  • Tri-band nodes: AC 2200-3000 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router
    • Dedicated 5 GHz backhaul channel
    • Dual 800 MHz+ CPU
    • 128+ MB RAM & Flash
    • 4+ Gb Ethernet ports
    • 8+ external high-gain antennas
  • Outdoor station nodes: AC 1200 Mb/s class router
    • PoE connection
    • Weatherproof design
    • 2+ high-power, high-gain antennas

Mesh View


Maxwell MeshEeroFreeMesh
Easy SetupYes Requires app No
Open SourceYes No Yes
Expandable & HackableYes No Yes
Private & SecureYes Amazon controlled Yes
Tri-Band AvailableYes Yes No
Outdoor Node AvailableYes No No
Detailed mesh monitoringYes No No
Mesh MappingYes No No
Bandwidth50 - 400 Mb/s 50 - 350 Mb/s 50 - 200 Mb/s
Coverage for three nodes3500 - 4500 sq. ft. 3500 sq. ft. 3500 sq. ft.

Support & Documentation

The Maxwell source code is on GitHub and our documentation is available here. If you have a question, you can reach out to us using the Ask a technical question link on our campaign page. We look forward to hearing your feedback!


Andy Haas

Professor of Physics by day and open-source/open-hardware tinkerer by night

Andrew Haas

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