Mesh Wi-Fi for nerds

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Powerful, intuitive, open source mesh Wi-Fi!

Finally, an open-source mesh Wi-Fi system that you get to control, monitor, hack, and even understand! You know the deal: you get a pair of routers, and you give one of them (the hub) access to the Internet by plugging it into your modem. Then you place the other one (the satellite) somewhere else. The satellite connects to the hub, and voilà! Your house is bathed in Wi-Fi.

But that’s just the beginning. Add satellites—including weatherized outdoor stations—to your heart’s content. Leverage Maxwell’s support for a wired, gigabit Ethernet backhaul to shore up connectivity in those hard-to-reach areas. Swap out dual-band routers for tri-band routers as appropriate. It’s your network! And, best of all, you’ll have the OpenWRT community looking out for you the whole time. Unlike most other mesh Wi-Fi solutions, Maxwell runs on standard, open-source code that’s completely transparent and customizable. You can see what’s connected to what, at what speeds, and with what level of reliability. And, if necessary, you can ssh in to fix those configs or add functionality to the mesh.

Maxwell is user-friendly, powerful, and secure. No Bluetooth. No cloud. No app. No BS!

Features & Specifications

  • Ease of Use: Automated mesh setup & dynamic route optimization
  • Bandwidth: 50-400 Mb/s (typical, real-world bandwidth) depending on the setup topology and client location relative to the hub
  • Scalability: Support for up to 17 mesh router nodes and 230 simultaneous clients
  • Coverage: Up to 30,000 sqare feet, plus support for wired Gb Ethernet backhaul and Ethernet-connected client end-points
  • Flexibility: Deploy a mix of dual-band and tri-band nodes depending on where you need more bandwidth, add guest networks easily, and take advantage of USB ports to accommodate on-network storage
  • Security: Latest WPA2 (client) and WPA3-SAE (mesh) encryption, with seamless hand-off via 802.11r when moving clients between mesh nodes
  • Dual-band nodes: AC 1300-2100 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router
    • Dual 800 MHz+ CPU
    • 128+ MB RAM & Flash
    • 2+ Gb Ethernet ports
    • 6+ antennas
  • Tri-band nodes: AC 2200-3000 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router
    • Dedicated 5 GHz backhaul channel
    • Dual 800 MHz+ CPU
    • 128+ MB RAM & Flash
    • 4+ Gb Ethernet ports
    • 8+ external high-gain antennas
  • Outdoor station nodes: AC 1200 Mb/s class router
    • PoE connection
    • Weatherproof design
    • 2+ high-power, high-gain antennas

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