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Jan 07, 2021

Project update 4 of 10

Price Reduction for Dual-Band Nodes!

by Andrew H

I’ve been able to secure better-than-expected pricing for the hardware I use to make dual-band Maxwell nodes, and I’ve decided to pass those savings on to my backers. As a result, the Three-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes is now $149, down from $199. This is a great deal compared to other options out there.

The price of the Mixed Three-Pack is now $219 instead of $249, a I’ve reduced the price of a single dual-band node from $79 to $69.

In addition, I’ve introduced a Two-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes for just $99. Two nodes should be sufficient for an apartment, a condo, or a small home.

Thanks for your support and for helping to make Maxwell a reality!

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