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We've Hit Our Funding Goal!

by Andrew H

Thanks to all of your support, Maxwell is now funded. But there are still a few days left for you to pick up your Maxwell nodes as part of our crowdfunding effort, so swing on by the campaign page and get yours!


Production for this phase is already complete. Here’s what a few hundred Maxwell routers look like, by the way:

And there’s another huge pile of power supplies and Ethernet cables, just out of frame I’m looking forward to getting these out of my dining room and into your hands!

About the Author

Andrew H

 New York, NY

$18,759 raised

of $15,000 goal

125% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Three-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes

A set of three dual-band Maxwell nodes is a good place to start. Bathe your home or office in stable mesh Wi-Fi, built on the most popular and expandable open-source router software.


Two-Pack of Dual-Band Maxwell Nodes

A set of two dual-band Maxwell nodes is a good choice for apartments, condos, or small homes.


Mixed Three-Pack - 2x Dual-Band & 1x Tri-Band Maxwell Nodes

To step it up a notch, use a tri-band router where devices need some extra bandwidth. The third band talks to devices without slowing down the mesh.


Three-Pack of Tri-Band Maxwell Nodes

For maximum bandwidth, set up a full tri-band mesh!


Outdoor Maxwell Node

Introduce your mesh to the great outdoors by adding one or more weatherized nodes.


Additional Tri-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra tri-band node.


Additional Dual-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra dual-band node.


Andy Haas

Professor of Physics by day and open-source/open-hardware tinkerer by night

Andrew Haas

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