Mar 19, 2013

Crowd Supply is a Store

Welcome to Crowd Supply. Thanks for taking the time to look around. We hope you’ll find the projects presented here to be both fun and inspirational. We’ve got additional campaigns coming down the pipe shortly, and expect that to accelerate now that the site is live and open to the public.

The seed of Crowd Supply’s inception was sown six months ago. Since then, we’ve felt like a participant in a game of Battleship - every week or two a new crowdfunding company appears, each with its own twist or niche, but none of them meeting our vision of what hardware crowdfunding should be.

Fundamentally, our focus is on products. Things. We are a store, one where new ideas cross over the threshold from the ethereal to the real, at the behest of those who want them. We intend to replace “build it and they will come” with “come and it will be built.”

The rest of our business follows from this premise. For example, we know turning an idea into a real, tangible product is a huge challenge, which is why we try to help however we can. Concretely, we offer a robust logistics and fulfillment service. For those interested, we also offer a seamless transition from crowdfunding, to taking pre-orders, to stocking products for retail sale. We take returns and have a phone number, (800) 554-2014. If you have a question, a suggestion, or a complaint, just call us.

We love projects that result in manufactured products. They are the backbone of our economy and our passion. We’ll do whatever we can to help you succeed with your project so you can build a successful business around it. We don’t view your crowdfunding campaign as a one-time event, but rather as the start of a long-term relationship.

We’ll use this space to discuss crowdfunding, our business, our successes, and our failures. We hope you’ll join the conversation.

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