Sep 19, 2013

The First Six Months

Crowd Supply publicly launched exactly six months ago today. It’s been a non-stop ride ever since, but we’ll pause long enough to retrospect a bit, as well as look forward to what’s coming.

From the start, we’ve striven to provide as much support as possible to project creators and their campaigns. This is, no doubt, in part responsible for the 50% campaign success rate enjoyed by Crowd Supply campaigns.

Soon after our launch, we introduced international shipping. At the time, we’d noticed some demand for this, but we weren’t sure exactly how much. Looking back, Crowd Supply campaigns have received orders from 36 different countries, with some successful campaigns being funded nearly half from international backers.

In speaking with so many people about their product ideas, we quickly realized that we’d become an informal hub for project creators needing to connect with collaborators, contractors, and service providers. We recently formalized this notion with the launch of our Service Provider Directory. The directory will continue to grow as we make more connections and receive recommendations.

We’re proud of the amazing creators who have revealed their ideas to the world through Crowd Supply, and honored to be a part of their creative process. Of course, that creative process never slows down and is constantly evolving, so we’ll continue to work hard to make Crowd Supply the best place to turn ideas into great products.

We’ve had an exhilarating first six months and can’t wait to see what the next six bring.

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