A cleaner sounding microphone for your typical webcam that allows for better speech-recognition and teleconference, is hackable, and based on a chipset that is capable of being Alexa

Feb 09, 2018

Project update 9 of 15

Shipping is Starting Next Week!

by Gladys W

Hi everyone!

Good news, the Acusis has finished production, and all the units are on their way to our office. We’ll soon be running a packaging and shipping operation. Barring any exceptional circumstances (ie. lost at sea), we’re expecting to begin fulfillment next week.

Can you please help us by making sure your shipping information is correct?

If you need to update your shipping address, you can do so by visiting your Crowd Supply account page. Please update your address within the next 48 hours.

As we’re doing the fulfillment ourselves, we may run into some hiccups with shipping or customs.

Fun fact: Acusis has backers (you!) from the following countries, in decreasing order of quantities. That’s really awesome.

US, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, France, UK and Northern Ireland, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russian Federation, China, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Austria

Until later,
Gladys and the rest of the Acusis team

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