A cleaner sounding microphone for your typical webcam that allows for better speech-recognition and teleconference, is hackable, and based on a chipset that is capable of being Alexa

Dec 11, 2017

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Video Time! Acusis Talk from Bil Herd

by Jim Baldwin

Bil Herd needs very little introduction to the Making and Hacking community. In his impressive career he has created computers and technology that got so many of us started in computing.

We asked Bil to evaluate Acusis for us, and he put together this video to highlight Acusis’ ability to pick up audio from a distance, which is great for speech recognition applications as well as video chat. No more yelling!

Take a look at the video and see how Acusis performs in Bil’s harsh lab environment.

Bye for now,
Jim and the rest of the Acusis team

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