A cleaner sounding microphone for your typical webcam that allows for better speech-recognition and teleconference, is hackable, and based on a chipset that is capable of being Alexa

Dec 19, 2017

Project update 6 of 15

We are Funded!!!

by Gladys W

Great news everyone, we have reached our fundraising goal and are ready for the next phase! Thank you for all your support, we’ll update you on our shipping schedule very soon.

Just for funsies, I made a video combining Acusis with ASMR.

If you don’t know what ASMR is, here’s some background about it so the video will make some sense:

If you are into ASMR, imagine how Acusis may allow you to do interesting things with audio from across the room.

Stay tuned,
Gladys and the rest of the Acusis team

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