Asylum Meuse Cyclocross Bike

A carbon fiber, disc brake cyclocross bike.

May 13, 2013

Project update 12 of 24

We made it!

As you’re probably aware, we made it.

With your support, enthusiasm, and financial backing, the Asylum Meuse became a reality as we exceeded our crowdfunding target.

So, what’s next?

First of all, there are still 5 days left in the campaign. That means that people still have the ability to get a Meuse at the special, crowdfunding campaign price. The more we overfund the, the better-equipped Asylum will be as a brand new bike company. Remember, after the 18th, prices are going up as we enter pre-order phase. Regarding payment fulfillment. We’ll be running credit card transactions this week. Finally, we wanted to share a link to an article on Cyclocross Magazine’s website. Note the last bit about Jonathan Page’s cyclocross bike geometry. You can expect to see the Meuse getting some significant coverage this fall when they review our Team Rogue Edition in the print version of their publication.

We’ll continue to keep our backers updated on the project’s progress as we begin the production process.

Thank you so much for all of your support and stay tuned for more.

-Patrick w/Asylum

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