Asylum Meuse Cyclocross Bike

A carbon fiber, disc brake cyclocross bike.

Apr 19, 2013

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Don't Delay- Pre-Order and MSRP Rates Announced

Following A Successful Campaign, Prices Increase After May 18th

With just under a month to go, the Asylum Meuse comes closer to reality by the day. That’s why we want to give you an idea of how prices will increase if the project is funded by the time the campaign ends on May 18th. You should take advantage of this moment to get our project rolling faster and get the best deal on your next Cyclocross bike in the process.

From now until May 18th, you have the opportunity go get an Asylum Meuse for the lowest price. Once we raise the $40,000, we’ll collect funds from our backers and submit our purchase-order for our first production-run. From that point until May 18th, you still have the chance to get a Meuse for the crowdfunding rate.

After May 18th, and pending a successful campaign, prices on the Meuse will increase by 10% while we accept pre-orders. Pre-orders will ship in November, after the first production run has arrived. The pre-order price will last until we receive our first production run in October. Following the pre-order phase, the Meuse will be available for purchase through Western Bikeworks and for standard MSRP. We are hoping to find homes for the Meuse in bike shops across the nation by that point as well.

Asylum Meuse Pre-Order Pricing (May 18th to first product run delivery in October)

Delivery in November 2013

The breakdown is as follows:

Meuse Frame, Fork, Headset- $995.00

Meuse SSCX Complete- $1795.00

Meuse Race-Ready w/SRAM Force- $2295.00

Meuse Rogue Team- $2795.00

The pre-order phase commences if the project reaches the $40,000 goal by May 18th. Following the end of a successfully funded Meuse campaign, we will enter into the pre-order phase whereby the Meuse’s price will increase by 10%. This price will be valid until the first production-run arrives in October of 2013.

Asylum Meuse MSRP (Effective upon arrival of first product run in October)

Meuse Frame, Fork, Headset- $1495.00

Meuse SSCX Complete- $2395.00

Meuse Race-Ready w/SRAM Force- $2995.00

Meuse Rogue Team- $3395.00

Once we’ve received our initial production-run in October, you can expect the Meuse to sell for standard MSRP (subject to change).

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