Asylum Meuse Cyclocross Bike

A carbon fiber, disc brake cyclocross bike.

Aug 26, 2013

Project update 17 of 24

Asylum Meuse Product Delivery Getting Closer...

Hello Asylum Meuse backers.

We’re getting closer by the week to our first delivery of Frames in October.

We just began bringing in our "OE" part orders for all of the build kits as well as setting aside space in our warehouse for product assembly.

We received some pictures of our first production frames, and everything is coming together nicely. We’re really impressed by the increased clearance at the seat stay. This will do a lot of good in muddy races as well as allow for some big tires.

Anyway, hold tight. We’re not far off now.

Let us know if you have any questions.

-Patrick w/Asylum

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