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Nov 01, 2019

Project update 4 of 6

Metronome kit build at Audio Engineering Society convention in NYC

Audio Builders Workshop (ABW) had a booth on the floor during the three days of the exhibition, and organized over 15 thirty minute sessions on audio electronics and building.

ABW's Mike Swanson, the creator of the LPF kit, during a booth talk showing how to hack the filter to make it switchable between low pass and high pass.

On Saturday ABW set up (and sold out!) 25 soldering stations in the lower lobby of the Javitz convention center and conducted a learn to solder event with the metronome kits, along with two other more advanced kits (a S-25 microphone from Mic-parts.com and a L2A re-amplifier box from DIYRE).

Couple of pictures below from that event. Get a 10 pack of kits and host your own learn to solder event!

The ABW crew and helpers.

Event pictures:

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