ABW Metronome & Low-pass Filter Kits

Two fun audio projects for learning to solder

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ABW Metronome Kit

This PCB is a basic kit for a metronome that includes a line out option. All of the design files are provided so you can modify them as needed. The build directions are aimed at people that have never soldered before, and ABW has had great success with this kit as a first time project.

ABW Low Pass Filter

This kit creates a tuneable low pass filter that is great as an analog effects system. A little more complex than the metronome kit, it’s still a great starter project.

For individuals or group learning

In addition to being great for individuals learning soldering skills, ABW has used these kits in group sessions held as part of other events as well as educational settings. The materials include an event guide and the kit creators are available via the ABW Facebook page to assist others that would like to use the kits in a group build.

Open Source

All design files, build directions, source files, schematics, etc. will be published and shared.

About Audio Builders Workshop

Audio Builders Workshop (ABW, a working group of the Boston chapter of the Audio Engineering Society) created created these simple projects for people interested in building their own audio electronics. It’s intended as an entry level project for anyone interested in learning about building electronics kits.

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