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Two fun audio projects for learning to solder

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May 31, 2020

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Getting Started Guide

by Brewster

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Getting Started Guide


These kits are intended as beginner level kits to introduce you to assembling your own electronic projects. (If you received this kit at an AES/ABW event then most likely there are volunteers on hand to answer questions while you follow the guide to assemble the kit.) If you’re running a learn to solder event and need guidance on organizing and running the event please see the document “HOSTING A LEARN TO SOLDER BUILD EVENT” or contact ABW.

If you get stuck and need help please post your question on the Audio Builders Workshop’s Facebook page. You can also check out our dedicated Audio Builders Workshop website.

Metronome kit

All documentation for the Metronome kit is available in electronic form.

Alternate build directions: In addition to the standard build guide there is a second build guide that is more visually oriented. You may wish to look at that in parallel with the standard guide.

If you’re new to soldering then check out this great guide.

Low Pass Filter kit

This is the direct link to the build guide for the LPF kit.

There is also some additional documentation for this kit that you can use.


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