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Dec 08, 2022

Project update 2 of 15

Everything About Shipping

by Giulio Moro, Robert J, Adan Benito, Andrew McPherson, Astrid Bin, CHAIR (The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research)

Wow, what a start, thank you all for your support so far! It’s been an intense 48 hours and we’ve had lots of questions coming our way about the module and how the fulfillment via Crowd Supply works at the end of the campaign. In this update we just wanted to clarify a few points about shipping outside of the US when the campaign ends.

Backers outside of the US

The prices displayed on Crowd Supply are in USD and exclude all taxes. That’s common for most US sellers. On checkout, the local taxes for the customer location will be added. For example if you order from Germany, then the local VAT rate will be added to your total (19% VAT in the case of Germany). In addition to this there is the shipping fee and then this is all you will need to pay to receive the module.

When the campaign ends the rewards are sent out using Mouser. They prepay VAT and pre-clear customs for packages shipped to all EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. This is similar to shipping with DDP (delivered duties paid) incoterms which means that you will not have to pay anything more to receive your parcel on your doorstep. Mouser are one of the biggest electronics retails in the world and they have finely tuned machine when it comes to distribution.

Can I purchase VAT free if I have a VAT number?

Crowd Supply, via their parent company Mouser Electronics, is properly registered in each country for which they collect VAT and they remit collected VAT accordingly. Backers who prefer to use their VAT ID and not pay VAT at the time of purchase should be able to do so by contacting Crowd Supply to associate their VAT ID with their Crowd Supply account.

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