Draw waveforms directly into your modular synth with this open-source touch module

Dec 12, 2022

Project update 3 of 15

New Gliss Demo Videos

by Robert J

Seeing more of Gliss in action

As promised, here are a couple of videos showcasing Gliss’s features. They were made by Giulio Moro, the head engineer at Bela, and are part of a series of development diaries which we will be releasing in the coming weeks. They serve to show the firmware of Gliss in its beta state, which we are actively developing in collaboration with a group of beta testers (more on that in a future post). Everything about the behaviour of the module is still subject to change, but we’re very happy with the point we’ve reached so far.

Mode selection and direct control mode

The first video gives a brief overview of how to navigate between different modes, set input and output voltage ranges, and change other settings of the module. Giulio also gives a very brief intro to the direct control mode.

Scale-meter mode

The second video looks at some of the things you can do with the scale-meter mode which make Gliss into the perfect utility module for scaling and offsetting CV signals on the fly. You can also do really useful things like clipping signals in creative ways to alter the waveform of an oscillator, all through the use of the touch sensor.

Both these videos are just a taste of the many things you can do in each mode, there are in fact many other possibilities we didn’t cover here. We’ll be posting more videos looking at the other modes. In the meantime, thank you so much for the ongoing support and you’ll hear more from us soon!

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