Inkwell Helmets

Inkwell Helmets are designed for cyclists who want to ride safely without compromising their sense of style.

Aug 28, 2013

Project update 1 of 3

Off to a Great Start!

Thank you so much for your early support, backers! I’m thrilled that the first helmets went so quickly. You’re soon to be a fashion icon in your city.

Meanwhile in my studio, I’m painting the future-vinyl designs on bristol board (which will be transferred onto vinyl). Instead of copying and pasting the same symbol all around the helmet, I’m introducing some natural variation to the patterns, by rendering them first by hand. Even though I’m “micro-mass producing” these designs, each one will still be one-of-a-kind in terms of pattern variation.

Additionally, all of our valve cap lights are in, and I’m painting them all. I suggest getting a helmet adorned with cool graphics, but these things are pretty cool too. And will definitely support my business.

Also, I appreciate your continued support throughout the campaign. If you know anyone who bikes, skates, or wears a helmet for any reason, please show your support by sharing this campaign with them. A quick post on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest goes a long way as well.

Word of mouth will really help us out, both in producing this new collection, and for fashionable bike safety in the long run. I hope there’s a design here for everyone, but if we get the support we need, we’ll have a prosperous future with more designs to come!

In our next update, I hope to show you a peak of our futuristic vinyl plotter!

Thanks again my fellow bike safety advocates!


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