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Sep 18, 2013

New Helmets are Even Better Than Expected

While we’re still waiting for the end of the campaign to purchase more materials, I’ve started experimenting with our new vinyl plotter. Though not featured in this preorder-able collection, here’s an example of a helmet I created using a blend of painting and vinyl.

The technique is flawless! However, the technique is still in a labor intensive stage. The initial helmets for this collection will not be quick to create. Aligning my printed and painted images with the cutting tools is a puzzle, requiring a lot of trial and error. Additionally, the blend of adhesive vs. vinyl wrapping, printing vs. painting, and varieties of vinyl used will be different for each design, and involves more learning. But once one of each of the 15 designs are done, then, the process will become much speedier.

I truly appreciate all your support. I’m amazed by the amount of orders I’ve received already and hope to see it grow in the remaining two days. The success of this campaign is imperative to Inkwell Helmets in the long run.

Please tell your friends, or anyone who needs a new helmet, or who is normally opposed to wearing helmets about this campaign, so I can create a solid, beautiful, novel collection, and get more heads protected in the world.

I also encourage you to take advantage of my add-your-own-custom-logo option for $80. Not only can you customize your helmet for a great cost, but it will turn you into a chic, mobile advertisement on your commute. If you have a small company, or want helmets for a group of friends, there’s another deal that gives you 10 helmets for $60 each. My prices will increase after the campaign, so if you’re in the market for helmets, right now is the best time to order them.

I’m really excited to get rolling on these orders, but still need the funding to make the process and product quality where it should be. Your endorsement goes a long way, please share the project with any cyclists you know.

Safe travels!


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Please allow 7-10 business days before shipping. Helmets are hand painted to order!

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Inkwell Helmets

Inkwell Helmets is a design studio founded by painter and sculptor Danielle Baskin that specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind, unique bicycle helmets.

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