LIT - Ultra-reflective Bike Tire

by LIT

Ultra-reflective urban-oriented bike tires.

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99% funded with 12-hours to go

We’re 12 hours away from the campaign’s close and we’re a measly \$175 away from our funding target of \$15,000. To give you an idea, that’s one t-shirt and two sets of tires away from succeeding. Be sure to send your friends and family a last minute reminder to get a set of our tires before the crowdfunding expires. Until midnight tonight, everyone still has the ability to get a set of LIT tires for $50.

As we enter the pre-order phase, you can expect our LIT tire to sell for \$30/tire or \$55/set. Free-shipping is still included with either option.

We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

$16,319 raised

of $15,000 goal

108% Funded!
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May 03 2013
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Product Choices


LIT Black Reflective T-Shirt


2-LIT Tires


2-LIT Tires + 2 Tubes + T-Shirt


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LIT was founded in Portland, OR, the bicycle commuting capital of the country to design, market, and sell the new 360 Ultra Reflective.

Jason Start

Jason Soejoto

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