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An affordable, configurable, open source retouching module for professional and hobbyist photographers

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The Palitra Campaign is Now Live

Hello World,

The Palitra crowdfunding campaign is now live.

I created Palitra because I do a lot of photo retouching and I noticed that using the keyboard alongside my graphic tablet was a pain and I was losing a lot of time. I needed a mini keyboard with configurable shortcuts. I was sure to find something on the market, but there was no product which would exactly fulfill my needs. Many were too large or too flashy and expensive.

I needed something simple, functional and affordable. So I made Palitra; a small and affordable configurable controller for retouching or other shortcut-heavy activities. Palitra is also completely open source. I am excited to see what photographers, and other short-cut enthusiasts will use Palitra for. Please check out the campaign page for full information and details.

$2,170 raised

of $5,000 goal

43% Funded

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Palitra is the perfect companion for retouchers, photographers and everybody using a computer do actually do stuff. No case, for the minimalist or someone who wants to make their own. If we make our stretch goal, then you get an injection molded ABS case.


Palitra Steampunk

A limited edition of Palitra in a 3D-printed hand painted case, treated to have a steampunk look.


Palitra Wood & Aluminum

A very limited edition Palitra, that comes with a wood and aluminum case. Handmade and numbered.


Bitgamma OÜ

Bitgamma OÜ is a small, young team doing software and web development. Currently, our focus is embedded development and hardware design. We are very passionate about what we do and committed to our projects.

Michele Balistreri

Hardware and firmware developer

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Desktop app developer

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