An affordable, configurable, open source retouching module for professional and hobbyist photographers

Dec 18, 2018

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The Palitra Campaign is Now Live

Hello World,

The Palitra crowdfunding campaign is now live.

I created Palitra because I do a lot of photo retouching and I noticed that using the keyboard alongside my graphic tablet was a pain and I was losing a lot of time. I needed a mini keyboard with configurable shortcuts. I was sure to find something on the market, but there was no product which would exactly fulfill my needs. Many were too large or too flashy and expensive.

I needed something simple, functional and affordable. So I made Palitra; a small and affordable configurable controller for retouching or other shortcut-heavy activities. Palitra is also completely open source. I am excited to see what photographers, and other short-cut enthusiasts will use Palitra for. Please check out the campaign page for full information and details.

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